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Our Mission... to make historic orthodoxy relevant to the contemporary church.



The Church

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God (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit)

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CCBI cordially invites potential students to enroll who are Baptized Christians from all branches of Christ’s church who are supportive of the mission, doctrine and work of Christian Call TM Bible Institute.

Our Doctrine...

CCBI is Trinitarian and confesses the three historic creeds (Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian) as its basic statement of faith.

CCBI believes in the Holy Bible, One Canon of Scripture in two Testaments, Old and New as Divinely inspired and the FINAL AUTHORITY on all matters of faith and practice.

CCBI also acknowledges the value of the apostolic/patristic tradition of the early church; particularly the first four ecumenical church councils of the first five centuries, as a faithful testimony to the witness and work of the Holy Spirit in the one, undivided church since the Day of Pentecost.

CCBI believes in salvation by grace through faith in the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit.

CCBI acknowledges two sacraments; Water Baptism and Holy Communion.

CCBI believes in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of all His gifts today and throughout church history; for the purpose of building up the Body of Christ in love.

God’s Word

World Evangelism

...and for an entire year they met with the church and taught considerable numbers; and the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. - Acts 11:26b